Sunday, December 13, 2015

Making It New

This here's the logo I designed for that famous New York baseball team featured in my upcoming comic DAZE OF FUTURE PASTIME.

I originally wrote DAZE back when I didn't have regular access to the internet, and so I expected I'd have to tweak some of the historical fiction, but I wasn't quite prepared to discover I'd set the story 2 years too late, thus negating some key plot points.

The story depends on several real life happenings occurring on the same day, and suddenly it seemed no such day existed! Oh no! My comic is ruined! All that work! I mean, of course I could just fudge it, and probably no one would ever notice, and even then I could just play the alt timeline/parallel universe card, but still! It's totally not the same.

But then O happy day! I found July 7, 1951. The only day in the history of the world that this story could have occurred. A day when New York played Boston in a game of baseball, at Fenway Park, and certain somethings happen!

Jul 7, 1951, Yankees at Red Sox Play by Play and Box Score

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