Wednesday, December 23, 2015

REJECTED - A Hodgepodge Graphic Novella (Serialized Web Edition)

Tomorrow begins the serialization of my graphic novella REJECTED, which will run for the next 2 weeks, every morning at 8:08 AM EST here on the blog. 

LOGLINE: A heartfelt mashup of several rejected comix proposals (circa 2003-04), whose fragments combine into a ridiculous metafictional portrait of the fartist as a young fool.

INTRODUCTION: Why REJECTED is a bad comic, but I love it anyways!

REJECTED is comprised of fragments from 4 different rejected comic book proposals circa 2003-04. In hindsight, they were all pretty poorly developed comics and were rightfully rejected. I had also made the mistake of basing characters on myself and my girlfriend at the time, so when I got dumped shortly thereafter the premise of the comix quickly became null and void.

So I’m 23 years old, forced to move into my brother’s basement, with a box full of reject comix pages, and no prospects of any kind. What do I do? I didn’t want all that work to go completely to waste, so I cut up all my rejected comic proposals into a single absurd story, and slapped on an embarrassingly ridiculous ending.

I then submitted my meta-reject comic to the Delaware Division of the Arts for some residency grant program they have, knowing I’d never get it, but just wanting to keep it pushing. The response I got back was amazing! Not only did I not get the award, but the rejection letter contained a lengthy, almost angry, denouncement of my work. Most rejection letters are very brief, “we regret to inform you… thanks and best wishes,” but this was something else entirely! The person who was assigned to evaluate my proposal didn’t just want to reject it, they wanted to destroy it. My favorite line, amidst all the name calling, and one that I enjoyed so much that I included it in future editions of the book, complained that it “never approaches the qualities of fiction found in even its most experimental forms.”  Admittedly this is certainly how delusions function, but I began to think maybe I was on to something after all…

So yes, against the better judgement of numerous experts & professionals, this comic exists. TBH it's not a particularly coherent production, though hopefully well worth a buck or so a gander, and however cringe-worthy it is in parts, I’m very proud there’s something instead of nothing.

Now Available on:
• Amazon Kindle! ($2.99)
• Comixology! ($.99)
• ($1) 
• Print Mini Comic! ($5)
& Free Web Version Beginning Tomorrow!

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